I photograph fashion editorials, family and friends portraits, headshots, and weddings. My style is simple and elegant with a variety of colors and feels.

My work has been seen twice on a local online fashion magazine called "Lavonne Magazine" from Tampa, FL, and made it to their first issue cover as well as a 7 page spread during my first submission and during my second submission I received a 4 page spread for their October issue.

Feel free to contact me for booking or if you have any questions :) Prices are listed below :)

All sessions include a makeup artist (MUA) and sometimes hairstylists depending on how big the production is. Outfits are also included if concept fits, but clients are encouraged to bring their outfits as well. Travel fees are not included. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email :)

*Fashion Sessions:
These sessions result in very beautifully edited photos with a flawless finish. Concepts are usually artistic or contains a story that features designer outfits. Amount of final images varies between 8-12 photos. Prices are for designers, models, and agencies.

- 1 hour with 2 outfit change: $250
- First session discount: $150 (Only for 1 hour sessions)
- 2 hours with 3 outfit change: $450
- 3 + hours with multiple outfits: $650
*Single Portrait Sessions:
These sessions include head shots and high school senior portraits. Clients of high school senior portraits are encouraged to bring their own props to show their personalities and interests. Final images would be done with simple edits and skin retouching. Amount of final images varies between 5-10 photos. Don't forget to include family and friends to make it more fun and memorable! Family and friends session is not included in Single Portrait Sessions. Prices are listed below. :)

- 1 hour with 2 outfit change: $250
- First session discount: $150 (Only for 1 hour sessions)
- 2 hours with 4 outfit change: $400
- Add friends and family: $15 per person
*Family and Friends Portrait Sessions:
Family and friends sessions are perfect for gifts of any occasion! Show off how awesome your family and friends are by purchasing any of the following packages :) Clients are encouraged to also bring their own props to include in the small set of props that are already provided. Amount of final images varies between 7-10 photos.

- Family of 3 with small props: $300
- Family of 4 with small props: $450
- Family of 5 + with small props: $600
When we think weddings, we think of love, flowers, and having an awesome time celebrating one of the most important day of one's life! It is one of the most memorable days of a person's life and it would be our pleasure and honor to capture it for you! Wedding sessions include a gorgeous 1 hour engagement session a week before the wedding date. Amount of final images varies between 15-20 photos, including engagement shots.

**Weddings must be booked 2-3 months in advance of actual wedding date. A deposit of 50% of the original price is required 2 weeks prior the engagement shoot date. Please note, if you would like to cancel your booked date or would like to NOT include the engagement session, please contact me 1 month before your wedding day.

***Travel fees, album books, and prints are not included in these prices. Those prices vary depending on client's needs. Please email me if you would like to add album books and prints.
**Refunds will only be given under extreme circumstances.**

- 4 hour day: $950
- 6 hour day: $1,300
- 8 hour day: $1,600

We understand weddings can take a toll on the pockets. That's why we would work with your budget and still give you the best quality and customer service you deserve! All you have to do is shoot us an email and start a conversation :)

Hope to hear from you soon! <3

- Yanan Sun Photography

**No Solicitation**